Ship Repair & Conversion


Ship Repair & Maintenance in Turkey :

As “Turkish-Shipyards Ship Building & Repair Ltd.” we are giving repair, maintenance, recondition, survey services in all Turkish ports, afloat, anchorage, yards including docking and berth repairs 7/24 with price vise advantages.

Ship Repair Management Services

We are offering turnkey solutions to our clients on maritime projects from routine maintenance and/or damage repairs to the most diverse assignments in Turkey.

In addition we can offer repair services in Turkey for major steel repairs – overhauls or emergency repairs.

Planning, organizing and managing of repair & maintenance works for vessels to be docked & repaired, according to owner representatives requirements (steel renewal, pipe renewal, outfitting works, blasting and painting treatment, shaft & propeller removal, pumps overhaul, valve overhaul, main & auxiliary engines overhaul, boiler cleaning, electrical works, insulation works, heat exchanger cleaning and repair, navigational equipment, safety equipment etc.)

With experienced employees, qualified Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, we can offer efficient and effective services such as:

  • Dry Docking / repair / maintenance
  • Slipping / repair / maintenance
  • Repair onboard while in service
  • Voyage repair
  • Repair at port
  • Repair afloat
  • Repair anchorage
  • Repair at berth / wharfage


With a wide range of scope;

  • Steel Renewal
  • Pipe Renewal
  • Mechanical
  • Machinery Jobs
  • Outfitting / Light Steel Jobs
  • Paint Jobs
  • Electric / Electronic Jobs
  • Hydraulic Jobs
  • Carpentry
  • Tank Cleaning Works
  • Tank Coating Works
  • Grit blasting works
  • High pressure washing of the hull, in tanks, in holds, on board up to 2500 bars
  • Special coating application such as cargo tank “Marine Line” works
  • Thickness Measurement
  • Underwater Surveys / cleaning

A considerable number of specialist partner companies with extensive knowledge and experience are always available for providing any kind of special service in short notice and at cost effective ways.

The combination of the experienced specialists with the direct access to all yards / ports / repair facilities constitutes a guarantee for fast and effective planned or emergency repair.

Ship Conversion in Turkey :

We are ready to create solutions for the new regulations and occurring conversion needs.

Our experience in the hull, piping, machinery, paints, outfitting etc., guarantees the efficient support to your company and the smooth co-ordination leading to quality and timely completion of the projects assigned such as double side or double bottom tankers to double hull tankers and repairs of all type of vessels in Turkish Shipyards.

The Repair and Conversions consists of;

  1. Investigating and projecting the present condition
  2. Analyzing the different possibilities of conversions/alterations
  3. Create and prepare the design for production
  4. Consult and support real-time to your problems.

– Jumboising projects for ships in service

– DWT increasing jobs

– Conversion jobs from type to another type (Such as from Ro-Ro to Live Stock Carrier)

– Sponson designs to increase stability of RoPax

– WED (wake equalizing) design for better propulsive performance

– Innershell and Double-bottom adoptions

– and Job-specific solutions.